Join the Keventers family!

Start your own business with the Keventers family. With our franchise options, you receive brand guidance, employee training, essential tools, supply chain support and more from our experienced, driven and dedicated corporate team – all that you need to achieve business success and growth. 

We’re looking for franchise partners to help us in our mission of spreading smiles through delicious milkshakes and desserts.

With 200+ outlets worldwide and our presence in the UAE along with India, Oman, Kenya and Nepal, our journey is far from complete. Join us and bring a little more sweetness to all the corners of the globe.


We understand the customer base across changing geographies and diverse mindsets and aggressively align our marketing to serve the numbers. Our design and PR team understand the dynamic tastes and preferences and adapt accordingly to achieve high sales and brand engagements.


Each shake is dispensed within 1 minute to ensure minimal turnaround time. This maintains high sales and a low waiting time. This was achieved by state of the art R&D and utilising superior equipments.


Being one of the first milkshake and lifestyle brands to originate from India, we understand what it means to change with the times. Today, Keventers is looked at as an uber cool brand in terms of our branding and visual appeal making it not only trendy but also a premium and aspirational brand.


Our R&D cell always monitors market trends and creates innovative new products. Our flexible spaces let us seamlessly weave into any location to utilise the purpose and targets set our specifically for that format.

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