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They told us the world didn’t need more dessert.

We decided to shake it up.

When Mr Keventer started his dairy farm in 1925, he was probably challenged too: who knows dairy better than India? 90 years later when we set out to change what India drinks, success seemed far-out. 2.5 million bottles later, we’re still mixing up fresh concoctions, and shaking it up in India, Nepal, UAE and Kenya.

If there’s ever milkshake on the moon, we’ll be the ones serving it.

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Start your own business with the Keventers family. With our franchise options, you receive the brand, training, tools, supply chain support and more from our experienced, driven and dedicated corporate team - all that you need to achieve business success and growth. 

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Nepal. Kenya.

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The Keventers Advantage for Franchisees:

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Versatile Model

With small-space requirement and relatively low cap-ex investment, our flexible spaces let us seamlessly weave into any location to utilize the purpose and targets set our specifically for that format.


High Sales (per sq. feet)

One of the leading models with the highest revenues per square feet, our technique is path-breaking and our ROI is typically within 18-24 months.


Swift Dispensing Mechanism

Each shake is dispensed within 3 minutes to ensure minimal turnaround time. This maintains high sales and a low waiting time.


Wide Brand Presence

We understand the customer base across changing geographies and diverse mindsets and aggressively align our marketing to serve the numbers.



Our professional, highly competent team ensures an efficient operations and system control, along with an optimal training methods. 


Select your preferred platform and get deliciousness delivered 


Created in 1925, reimagined in 2015.

In the early 1900's, Edward Keventer, a Swedish dairy consultant established dairy manufacturing units across Delhi, Aligarh, Calcutta and Darjeeling. In 1925, he set up company under the name we have come to know and love. Over the next few years, Keventers emerged as one of the prominent dairy manufacturers in India. The dairy was later acquired by Ram Krishna Dalmia in mid 1940, and continued to provide milk products until its shutdown in the '70s. In 2015, Agastya Dalmia, Aman Arora and Sohrab Sitaram decided to revive the brand under its original moniker, with the original recipes.

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