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Keventers Kicks Off Vegan Range: Scoops Award From PETA India

The classic milkshake brand Keventers, established in 1925, has just been awarded a Best Vegan Ice Cream award by PETA India for its exciting new vegan scoops made from coconut milk. The company, responding to modern tastes and the increased interest in and demand for vegan foods, recently launched its first-ever 100% plant-based scoops in the flavours chocolate and strawberry.

“Keventers values innovation and creativity, and so we’re delighted that we have impressed PETA India with our very first range of vegan scoops,” says Keventers founder and CEO Agastya Dalmia. “As the market for vegan food grows, Keventers is meeting the demand and delivering the top-notch quality our customers love. The new range will be available at selected Keventers stores across India.”

As a result of the majority of Indians suffering from gastric ailments due to allergy to cows’ milk and other health concerns as well as the growing awareness of animal welfare and environmental issues, the Indian market for vegan (non-dairy) milks, ice creams, yogurts, and other such products is projected to reach US$175 million by 2027. A Credit Suisse Research Institute survey revealed that Gen Z and millennial consumers in the country are more likely to buy sustainable items, which explains why a growing number of businesses in India are responding with vegan goods.

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