About Us


Edward Keventer came to India in 1889 in and took over the running of a small dairy farm in Aligarh and made it a profitable business. In 1925, with help of his nephew, Werner, they established Edward Keventers Ltd. – a dairy farm of their own in Delhi and soon made the brand eponymous with purity & quality. Years later, after the passing of Edward & his nephew, the Keventers brand was sold to Mr. R.K. Dalmia.

The brand was revived in 2015, by RK Dalmia’s grandson Agastya, supported by his partners Aman & Sohrab, who breathed new life in to Keventers as we know and enjoy today. With strong roots in the dairy business over a century old, Keventers has now flourished into the supreme purveyors of Milkshakes, bringing a taste of nostalgia in modern settings, across over 270 locations, nationwide.

These days, Tarun Bhasin leads Keventers as CEO. With a tenure spanning over two decades, he builds on the enterprising nature of the brand. The current objective is to establish at least 350 branches by the year 2020.


As the brand has been revived so were it’s offerings. Keventers serves authentic milkshakes, reimagined with modern flavours, blended to perfection, served chilled, in iconic glass bottles.

Only the freshest cow’s milk and the choicest of ingredients are used to produce our Milkshakes, whether it’s the Originals such as Strawberry & Vanilla, fruity delights like Exotic Mango and Chikoo Chiller or the rich Indian favorites such as Kesar Badam and Rose-e-Gulkand. For the chocolate lovers, the Keventers menu boasts nine unique offerings beyond the simple Chocolate Milkshake – Choco-Berry Blast, Chocolate Hazelnut Hunger, Chocolate Oreo Ooze, Mocha Mania, just to name a few.


Treat yourself to our unique creations with Sundaes such as the Guilty Pleasure, a combination of chocolate crumble and chocolate ice cream drizzled with mocha & chocolate syrups and the Forbidden Forrest, our version of the classic Black Forest cake, re-imagined as a sundae. Creamy Vanilla ice creams mingles with rich chocolate sponge for a Retro Romance that never goes out of style. For the devilish chocoholics we the Dark Conspiracy, laden with Chocolate cookies & wafers & a generous splash of Chocolate syrup, garnished with a dollop of whipped cream.


Need something cooler to satisfy your creamy cravings? Seek out the newest line of Keventers Ice Creams to tantalize your taste buds.

Indulge in delectable ice cream flavours like the First Kiss, an irresistible amalgamation of Vanilla, Caramel & Cinnamon. The Original Sin, made with real Belgian Chocolate & Triple Chocolate with crumbed peanuts are truly drool-worthy experiences. The traditional Blueberry Cheesecake takes the form of an ‘ice-creamy’ delight with Berry Berry Cheesy, while the Golden Temptress lets you savour the sweetness of Ratnagiri Alphonso mangoes all year round.

With all these delicious delicacies being concocted behind the counters at Keventers, how could you possibly resist? Go ahead, indulge yourself…it’s worth it!