It started with a promise in 1925

Keventers, born in 1925, made a promise: to deliver the cream of the crop in dairy treats. Through the udder madness of history, we stayed true to our word, always in tune with the nation’s cravings.

Those youngsters who adored us in the early 20th century have grown into “grand-moo-thers” and “grand-pappies,” introducing their grandkids to a taste of nostalgia!

And so, we’ve grown into a family favourite, a place where everyone can gather for a good time! We’re firm believers in the magic of our products and how they can  transform your day. 

Our secret? Drawing from the past and churning out innovations for today. You can taste it in our daily-blended milkshakes and spot it on every supermarket shelf, where our ice creams reign supreme.

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Agastya Dalmia

A visionary entrepreneur and board member of Keventers, renowned for his unwavering commitment to preserving the brand's rich heritage while injecting a fresh appeal for the modern age. With a background in English Literature from Delhi University's esteemed Hindu College, he proudly carries forward the legacy of his notable Indian business family with a long-standing industrial history.

Aman Arora

A seasoned entrepreneur who has made significant contributions to multiple brands in consumer retail and services. He brings a wealth of experience in Marketing, Strategy, and Business Development to the table, playing a vital role as the CMO & Co-founder of Keventers. Born and bred in New Delhi, he has grown up with Keventers and is a key figure in its revival and continued product innovation.

Sohrab Sitaram

With his remarkable vision and strategic prowess, Sohrab has driven Keventers to a stunning achievement of 200+ outlets in just 3 years, firmly re-establishing it as an iconic milkshake brand. Sohrab's culinary expertise goes way beyond the norm. He's a true pioneer, known for crafting innovative and out-of-the-box concepts that have set him apart in the industry.

Around the world

Our journey started in India, but we didn’t stop there. How could we keep these delicious secrets to ourselves? It started with Nepal, where everyone instantly fell in love, and then we took our delights to Kenya, where even the giraffes couldn’t stay away.

And now Super Milk Products Private Limited, the owner of Keventer’s Arabia, is providing some sweet summer treats to the UAE, with outlets peppered across Dubai.

The Team

Agastya Dalmia

Founder & CEO

Meet Agastya – a visionary entrepreneur and distinguished board member of Keventers, celebrated for his unwavering commitment to preserving the brand’s rich heritage while injecting a fresh appeal for the modern age. Proudly continuing his notable Indian business family’s legacy with a long-standing industrial history, Agastya is also deeply involved in philanthropic initiatives through the Amba Dalmia Foundation Trust.

Agastya’s journey is an inspiring testament to the power of passion and dedication, impacting both the corporate realm and the less fortunate profoundly

Aman Arora

Founder & CMO

Aman is a seasoned entrepreneur with significant contributions to multiple consumer retail and service brands. His extensive expertise in Marketing, Strategy, and Business Development is evident in his role as CMO & Co-founder of Keventers. Born and bred in New Delhi, he plays a pivotal role in the brand’s revival and ongoing product innovation.

Outside the corporate realm, Aman’s dedication to fitness, gastronomy, and a passion for good design enriches his work with creativity and fresh perspectives.

Sohrab Sitaram


Sohrab is a prominent name in the hospitality industry across India and the Middle East. With his visionary leadership and strategic acumen, Sohrab has steered Keventers to a remarkable milestone of 200+ outlets in just three years, solidifying its status as an iconic milkshake brand.

His interests encompass diverse fields, enriching his journey with depth and diversity. He’s a sought-after presence at events, sharing wisdom and experiences, including TEDx talks.