Chillin’ like no other day! Visit Keventers on a Thursday and get Classic Regular Shakes @ ₹99 & Chocolate Regular Shakes @ ₹129. 



Also, what’s the coolest anthem without a dope video or more like a series of videos? Presenting Keventers on A Thursday – Kritagya Sharma, The Official Video and Keventers on a Thursday – Jose Abraham (Official Acoustic Cover). So, sit back and sip on your favourite milkshake and enjoy the tracks on repeat.



About Kritagya Sharma – A Hip-Hop artist based in Delhi and an avid Keventers fan since his childhood, Kritagya released a track on Spotify in 2021. He went on to perform it in underground rap clubs in the city, where a fan recorded and posted it online. That was when the Keventers team came across the song and went all in. ✨ 



Listen to more of Kritagya here: 






About Jose Abraham – A business development and marketing specialist by profession, and a singer by choice, Jose’s voice has the ability to serenade you on the most difficult days or the most fun days. He’s collaborated with Keventers because it’s a legacy brand and has been in the market for a long time and has been extremely excited throughout the process of developing this cover.




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