To Become The
Foremost Purveyors In
Milkshakes & Desserts In India

We Aim To Repeat Our History Of Making Keventers Eponymous With Purity And Quality, As It Once Was Under The Guidance Of Edward Keventer. We Wish To Make Keventers The Household Name When It Comes To Milkshakes And Broaden Our Spectrum To Include More And More Products To Cater To The Ever-Changing Demands Of Our Loyal Customers. With Our Constant Innovation Of Our Consumer Offerings, Along With A Fast-Paced Growth Curve, We Believe This Goal Is Attainable.


To Become An Icon For The
Youth While Delivering Nostalgia With
Every Bottle

Keventers’ Long And Endearing History Remains To Be At The Center Of Everything We Do And Love About The Brand. We Are Constantly Moving, Evolving Alongside Our Consumers And Representing Their Ideologies. We Identify With Them And Attempt To Reflect Their Voice, Whether It’s Through Our Teams Behind The Counters Or The Experiences We Deliver With Every Bottle, With A Touch Of Nostalgia.